New Applicants

Before BC Housing – Licensing and Consumer Services can issue a residential builder’s licence, new applicants (classified as general contractors who will be constructing single-family homes and small residential buildings in British Columbia under Part 9 of the BC Building Code), are required to meet a new qualification standard.

License Holders

Within your license term you will have to complete 40 CPD credits within the following categories:

  • Formal learning
  • Informal learning
  • On-the-job learning through active practice

You can earn one CPD point by completing:

  • 20 hours of active practice, defined as being actively engaged in the construction management of new homes during the year
  • 30 minutes of formal learning, defined as passing or successfully completing structured courses and training sessions, including exams or assignments, from approved organizations
  • One hour of informal learning, defined as taking part in conferences, seminars, workshops, industry association meetings, or residential construction research and development

To reach the minimum of 40 points, you may apply up to:

  • 20 points from active practice
  • 40 points from formal learning
  • 20 points from informal learning



Some of our webinars have been presented previously in a classroom setting. Before purchasing a webinar, we advise that you confirm whether you have previously taken the course as BC Housing will not grant additional CPD credits for courses that have already been taken within the same licensing year. You can contact the WBI office at 604-639-2924 or [email protected] to check the record of courses that you have previously attended.


Builders must log into their account on the Licensed Builder Portal via the BC Housing website and log their accumulated CPD credits. If you require assistance on how to record your Seminar credits or Active Practice Hours, please contact BC Housing.